4月 27

april27 wikimedia commons“If pigs had wings, they could fly.”

When saying something that isn’t actually true, we change the form of the verb. It looks like the past tense, but it’s not. “If pigs had wings…(but they don’t).” “If you were rich…(but you aren’t).”



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4月 24

april24 April showers bring May flowersChildren are taught the rhyme: “April showers bring May flowers” to explain the wet, rainy weather in April, and to give young ones something to look forward to after the rain. The saying also teaches about patience: after something unpleasant, like rain, something enjoyable will come.


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4月 20

april20Boss: Why isn’t this report finished? I told you to do it yesterday!

Jenkins: I was going to finish it, but I didn’t know Johnson would need the computer all day.

Sometimes we need to talk about the future in the past: things that hadn’t happened yet at the time we are talking about.




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4月 17

april17 7th inning stretch 2April marks the start of the major league baseball season in North America, and no game is complete without the traditional “seventh inning stretch.” Halfway through the seventh inning, before the home team goes up to bat, an announcer encourages spectators to stand up, stretch, and sing the song “Take me out to the ballgame.”

4月は北米のベースボールシーズンの始まりです。野球の試合では7回で体を伸ばすことは欠かせません。7回の途中、ホームチームがフィールドに出る前に、アナウンサーが観客に、立って体を伸ばすよう勧めます。そして「Take me out to the ballgame」という歌を歌うように促します。

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4月 13

april13Policeman: Tell us where you were when you saw the robber.

Man: I had been sitting in the café across the street, drinking coffee. As I got up to leave, I looked out the window and saw a masked man run out of the bank!

The past perfect continuous tense tells about something that had been going on in the past.





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4月 10

april10 Tax DayApril 15 is the U.S.’s “Tax Day”— the deadline for Americans to file their personal income tax statements to the federal government. Most residents fill out and submit forms (on paper or electronically via the Internet) to determine tax they owe or overpaid. If they paid too much income tax, they will receive the overpaid amount, called a “tax return”.
4月15日はアメリカ合衆国の「税金の日」です。アメリカ人が納税申告をする締切日です。アメリカに住んでいる殆どの人がフォームを書いて(書面かインターネットを使って)提出し、払った税金が足りなかったのか多かったのかがわかります。納税を払いすぎた場合、「tax return」と呼ばれて払いすぎた分が返ってきます。

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4月 06

april6Jake: How long have you been working here?

Lily: Well, I started in May, so I will have been working here for three years next month.

The perfect continuous tense tells us something has been going on. The future perfect continuous is the same, but it is in the future. Lily has been working there for two years and eleven months, but that is a long phrase, so it is easier to say how long she will have been working next month.




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4月 03

april3 Be Broke 3 April 2013When something is broken, you fix it, right? However, when someone says, “I’m broke,” they usually mean that they don’t have money, or can’t send any money right now. So, if someone invites you out to the movies, but you don’t have money to spend, tell them, “Sorry, I’m broke. Maybe some other time.”


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