7月 31

july31 whiskA whisk is a cooking utensil with a handle and wire loops at the end, usually made of metal. A whisk can be used to blend ingredients together into a uniform liquid, such as beating eggs for an omelet. A whisk is also used to incorporate air into a mixture, as one does to make whip cream.


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7月 27

july27It is difficult to know when to use “the” or “a”. One way to decide is that “the” tells you about something you already know about. The sentence, “The man walked into the room,” sounds like you already know that there is a man and there is a room. If you are talking about a room, and suddenly a strange man walks in, you did not know about him before, so you use “a” in, “Suddenly, a man walked in.”


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7月 24

july24 swelteringIt’s July, and in the northern hemisphere, many places are experiencing a hot summer. Another way to express this is by using the word “sweltering.” The word “swelter” means to be uncomfortably hot or to suffer from oppressive heat. Example: “I’m sweltering in this afternoon sun.” It can also mean to affect with oppressive heat. Example: “This summer is sweltering.”

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7月 20

july20Sometimes we want to give more information about something without writing another sentence. We can add a relative clause, like this:

“The man who had been drinking crashed his car.”

“The dog ate the cake I baked for you.”

“I like the hat that you gave me for my birthday.”





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7月 17

july17 mechanical pencilsIf you want to write with a pencil that you never need to sharpen, you might buy what in Japanese is called a “sharp pencil” or “sharp pen” for short. While it does stay sharp, if you talk to native English speakers about a “sharp pencil,” they will probably be confused. That’s because they call it a mechanical pencil.


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7月 13

july13A paragraph is a group of related sentences. It can contain just one sentence, or a large number of sentences. Usually all the sentences in one paragraph are about the same topic. On paper, there is usually an indent at the beginning of each paragraph. On the internet, a blank line is more common.


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7月 10

belated“Belated” is an adjective that means “late” or “delayed.” It is often used when someone wants to wish a person a happy birthday, or other event, after the event has already happened. There are greeting cards that read, “Happy Belated Birthday” and “Happy Belated Anniversary.” It is more appropriate to say, “Happy belated birthday” than “Happy late birthday.”


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7月 06

july6A sentence always starts with a capital letter and ends with a period, question mark, or exclamation mark. If you see a capital letter, there is a good chance it is the start of a new sentence. But we also use capital letters for names and the pronoun “I”.


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7月 03

july3 BasementSome homes have a basement. A basement is a lower level of a home, below ground level. Some basements are unfinished, with exposed walls and simple flooring. They are often used as utility rooms, to house heaters and air conditioners, and washers and dryers. Other basements are finished, and are remodeled to be entertainment rooms, exercise rooms, or even bedrooms.


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