9月 28

sept28“I sang a song for my friend.” “The dog ran across the yard.”

“For” and “across” are examples of prepositions. “My friend” and “the yard” are the objects of the prepositions. If the object is a pronoun, you can easily see that it is an object: “I gave the book to him.” “Put the white flowers here and the red flowers under them.” We use “him” and “them”, not “he” and “they”.


「For」と「across」は前置詞の例です。「My friend」と「the yard」は前置詞の目的語です。目的語が代名詞であると目的語だとはっきりわかります:「私が彼に本を渡しました。」「白い花はここにおいて、赤い花はその下におきなさい。」「He」と「they」ではなくて「him」と「them」を使います。

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9月 25


When advertising an apartment or hotel room, the owner will usually list its “amenities,” the benefits or features of the place, to add value and attract customers. Amenities can include tangible things, such as beds, bathrooms, refrigerators, or dishwashers. It can also include intangible things, such as front desk service, or having a location close to the beach or downtown.


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9月 21

sept21“Mary gave her brother a ball.” “She told me the details of the story.”

Sometimes a word looks like it could be the object of a sentence, but it is actually an indirect object. What Mary gave was the ball. She gave it to her brother.



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9月 18

sept18“Appliances” are devices that use a form of energy (such as electricity or gas) to perform specific functions, usually to save time and labor. “Home appliances” are used in the home. Large or “major” home appliances include washers, refrigerators, air conditioners, dishwashers, and ovens. Small kitchen appliances include blenders, toasters, and more. Other appliances are TVs, DVD players, and vacuums.


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9月 14

sept14“The boy ate the cookie.” “I am reading a book.”

“Book” and “cookie” are the objects of these sentences. The object is whatever the verb is done to. Not all sentences have objects:

“I am playing in the park.” “He runs very fast.”





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9月 11

sept11An octagon is a shape that has eight sides. The Greek word oktá means eight. Similarly, we call the sea creature with eight legs an octopus. Most umbrellas are shaped like octagons. In America, the stop sign is shaped like an octagon. The octagon shape is also used in architectural design, such as the Dome of the Rock shrine.


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9月 07

sept7It is usually easy to make a possessive in English. Just add an apostrophe and an S: the boy’s hat.

There are a few exceptions. When the word is plural, add the apostrophe after the S: I found your two sons’ ball in my yard.

Possessive pronouns don’t need apostrophes: her book, his shirt, its leg.




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9月 04

waterIf you go to the pool or beach this summer, you might see people in the water, lying on a floating raft, called a lounger or water lounger. Loungers come in many shapes and materials. Some need to be filled with air, while others are made of foam. Some loungers even come with cup holders! They’re quite relaxing.


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