11月 30

nov30“Get off the roof, please!”

“The dog rolled off of the couch.”

“Don’t fall off the horse!”

“Off” or “off of” is the opposite of “on” or “onto”. Usually it shows motion from on top of something to somewhere else. The motion is often in a downward direction, but not always: “The cat jumped off of the chair and onto the dresser.”




「Off」と「off of」は「on」と「onto」の反対です。何かの上から別の場所への移動を示します。下に向かう移動が多いですが必ずではありません:「猫は椅子からたんすへ飛び移りました。」

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11月 27

Nov 27-2Thanksgiving is unique to the United States. Held on the fourth Thursday of November, it celebrates the “first Thanksgiving”: In 1621, pilgrims settling in America first harvested crops and had a 3 day feast, and pilgrims and Native Americans attended. Traditionally, Americans cook a big meal of roasted turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, bread stuffing, vegetables, and pumpkin pie.

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11月 25

モダンイングリッシュのキャサリン先生とサイモン先生が作った教材ハッピーバレーが小学館めばえ増刊「クリスマス ひらがな・えいごブック」で紹介されています!只今書店で好評発売中です!
そして、ハッピーバレーの新商品発売!「ハッピーバレー DVD ワークブック」
DVDとワークブックのセット 4,200円(特別価格)
ワークブックのみ  1,575円


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11月 20

FEMAILTo “spit” is the act of expelling saliva or liquid from the mouth: a baby “spits up” milk, or one “spits out” bad food. In slang, you can tell someone to “spit it out” if they are having trouble saying something, like sharing bad news. Also, a person who is “spitting nails” is talking or behaving very angrily.

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11月 16

nov16“There is a moat around the castle.”

“The dog ran around the yard.”

“Are there any good cafes around here?”

“Around” sounds like “round”, because it can mean “in a circle outside of something”. “The track goes around the school ground. Please run a lap around the track.” But it can also mean “in various places inside an area”. “Don’t just sit around the house. Go walk around in the park.”







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11月 13

nov13In English, each finger has a name. The short one on the left is called the thumb. The second finger is the index finger or the pointer finger. Next is the middle finger. The fourth is the ring finger, since married people wear a ring on their left fourth finger. The fifth finger is called the pinky or little finger.

英語では指一本一本に名前があります。左側の短いのが「thumb」と言って親指です。二つ目は「index finger」又は「pointer finger」と呼ばれる人差し指です。次は「middle finger」、つまり中指です。4つ目は、結婚したら左手のこの指にリングをはめるから「ring finger」と呼ばれる薬指です。5つ目は「pinky」または「little finger」と呼ばれる小指です。

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11月 09

nov9 wikipedia

A snake popped out from the can labeled ‘nuts’. What a funny joke!”

“The cat jumped out of the box.”

“From” can tell about the origin of something or someone, but “out from” or “out of” shows physical motion from the inside to the outside of a space or object.



「From」はものや人の出身地でも使いますが「out from」や「out of」は物や空間の中から外への物理的な移動を示します。

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11月 06

nov6This time of year, the weather gets too cool to wear tank tops and shorts, but too warm to wear a coat. Some people say this is “sweater weather,” because it’s the perfect weather to wear a sweater. It also means that it’s not too windy or rainy, because a sweater wouldn’t protect a person against that type of weather.

この時期はタンクトップや短パンでは寒すぎるけど、コートはちょっと暑すぎる気候ですね。セーターを着るのがちょうど良い天気なので、「セーターの天気 sweater weather」と呼ぶ人がいます。また、セーターでは耐えられない風や雨があまりない天気という意味もあります。

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11月 02

nov2We use “from” to show a starting point. Usually something has moved farther away from or come out of that point.

“Water squirted from the hose.”

“The package is from my mother.”

“I come from Japan.” (But we still say “from” if we are in our hometown.)

It also tells the lower limit of a set.

“This class is for children from six to ten years old.”







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