7月 30

july 30To “expect” means to anticipate or believe that something will happen. For example, you can read a weather report and expect that it’ll be hot and sunny tomorrow, or cold and rainy. However, if a woman just says, “I’m expecting,” without adding a noun after “expecting,” it is another, polite way to say, “I’m pregnant.”


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7月 26

july 26“This book is popular with everyone: men and women, children and adults.”

Some words, such as “man”, “woman” and “child”, end with “en” in the plural form. Do only words for people follow this pattern? No, “ox” also becomes “oxen”, and oxen are cows.





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7月 23

july 23If you talk to English speakers aged 30 years or younger, they may say “that sucks” or “this sucks” often. It’s a very popular phrase used to describe a bad situation, such as a car breaking down, or losing a job. It’s also very informal and casual, so it may not be appropriate to say around your boss at work!

30代より若い世代のネイティブスピーカーと話していると、「that sucks」や「this sucks」と言っているのを良く聞くでしょう。車が故障したり仕事をクビになったり等、悪い状況を表現するフレーズです。とてもカジュアルなので、職場で上司の耳に入るようなところで使うには適していません!

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7月 19

july 19“My dog lost one foot in an accident. Now he only has three feet!”

“I got another goose. Now I have two geese!”

A few words in English change their vowel sounds from “oo” in the singular to “ee” in the plural. Can you think of any others?




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7月 16

july 16What do you use to clean the dirt and dust off wood or tile floors? In English, we use a “broom” or “sweeper,” which is a brush with a long handle, to move the dirt into a pile. Then, we use a “dustpan” to collect the dust and dirt, which we would then throw away.


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7月 12

july 12“We have several hypotheses to explain the various crises.”

“Have the students write synopses of their theses, because I don’t have time to read them all.”

The ends of words like “crisis” and “thesis” change from “is” to “es” when the word is plural. We don’t use these words so often in everyday life, but if you are a student or a scientist, you will need words like “hypothesis” and “analysis”.




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7月 09

july 9 wedAlthough this phrase is French, it’s used often in English, especially on a restaurant menu! The phrase “à la carte” literally means “according to the menu.” Most people know it means ordering a menu item separately. So, if a steak dinner comes with potatoes and other vegetables, ordering “steak à la carte” means ordering just the steak.

このフレーズはフランス語ですが特にレストランのメニューなどで、よく英語でも使われます。「à la carte」を直訳すると、「メニューによって」ですが、皆さんご存知の通り、単品で注文するという意味です。つまり、ステーキディナーにポテトや野菜がついている場合、「ステーキアラカルト」はステーキだけを単品で注文することです。

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7月 05

july 5 sat“I saw a sheep in the field!”

“I saw three sheep. Two were behind the tree.”

Whether there is one sheep or ten sheep, the word “sheep” doesn’t change. The same goes for moose, fish, deer and a few other words.




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7月 02

july 2 ASAPHave you ever seen these letters written: ASAP, or A.S.A.P.? It is an acronym, which means each letter stands for the first letter of a word. ASAP means “as soon as possible.” People often write it in emails and letters to quickly indicate that something is urgent and needs to be completed, well, as soon as possible.

ASAP又はA.S.A.P. という文字列を見たことがありますか? 各文字が単語の頭文字の頭字語です。ASAPは「できるだけ早く」という意味です。メールや手紙で急用なので出来るだけ早くしないといけない事だと相手に知らせる為によく書きます。

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