8月 30

aug 30“I’ll stay here until you fall asleep.”

“I won’t buy you any more video games until your grades improve.”

“Until” shows that something continues for now (staying here, not buying games), but then ends or changes when a condition is met (I’ll leave after you fall asleep; after your grades improve I will buy you more games).




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8月 27

aug 27In America, going back to school in August is a big commercial event. Schools make supply lists for parents to purchase pencils, folders, paper, and more. Stores have huge sales, sometimes advertising items for just one penny! Clothes, backpacks, and even computers go on sale, and some states have a “no sales tax weekend,” so parents can save some money.


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8月 23

aug 23

“We’ll kill the hostages unless you bring us the money.”

“Unless he replies to my email today, I’m going to call him tomorrow.”

“Unless” shows a condition for something. If the condition doesn’t happen, the rest of the sentence is true. If the part following “unless” does happen, then the rest of the sentence is not true.






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8月 20

aug 20A useful English phrase is “all set.” It means “ready,” or “ready to go.” It’s often used as a question. Example: If family is preparing for a trip, you might ask them, “All set?” to see if their luggage is packed and they’re ready to leave. It can also be used to inform others that you are ready or prepared.

「All set」は便利な英語のフレーズです。「できた」と言う意味です。質問として良く使われます。例えば、家族で旅行の準備をしている時、「準備できた?」と聞いて、荷造りが終わって出発の準備ができたかどうか確認します。自分が準備完了していると知らせるのにも使えます。

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8月 09




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8月 09

aug 9I don’t care how much you study, so long as you get a good grade.”

“I don’t care who fills the dog’s water dish, so long as it gets filled.”

“I’m going to keep reading, so long as there’s any light left.”

We can use “so long as” (or “as long as”) to give a condition for the other part of the sentence. If you get a good grade, I don’t care whether you studied a lot or not. If there’s light, I will read. Sometimes we use it to emphasize what’s important over what’s not. The dog getting water is important. Who exactly fills the water dish is not important.




「So long as」(又は「as long as」)を使って、文の条件を出すことができます。成績がいい限り、たくさん勉強したかどうかはどうでもいい。明かりがあるならば、読む。ときには大事なことをより強調するために使います。犬に水が与えられるということが大事であり、ボールに水を入れる人物は重要ではありません。

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8月 06

aug 6Have you avoided looking at someone, or looked away from something? Maybe it was too scary, or sad, or you felt it was inappropriate to look? One way to describe this action is by saying “avert your eyes,” such as: “I averted my eyes when I saw the person’s wound because I don’t like to see blood.”

誰かを見ることを避けたこと、又は何かから目をそらしたことはありますか?それは怖いとか、悲しいとか、見るべきではないと思ったとき?この様な行動を表現するフレーズに「avert your eyes」があります。例えば、「血を見るのが嫌なので、怪我をしている人から目をそらしました」など。

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8月 02

aug 2“I need to know whether you want chocolate or vanilla.”

“I’m going to the park whether it rains or not.”

“It doesn’t matter whether you go or I go, but someone has to go.”

“Whether” sets up a choice between two things. Sometimes we can leave off the second choice if it is clearly the opposite of the first choice. “Ask him whether he is coming to the party (or not).”





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