9月 27

okinawa sept 27“I made the cookies, and my sister made the drinks.”

“We need flour, water, salt and ketchup.”

“My sister, Zelda, is only six years old.”

The comma has many uses. As a general rule, it means you should pause a little bit when saying the sentence. Here, you can see examples of commas separating two parts of a compound sentence, items in a list, and extra information about something mentioned in a sentence.





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9月 24

hometownHas anyone ever asked you, “Where are you from?” This is a different question than “Where do you live?” For example, you might live in Tokyo, but you were born and spent your childhood in Chatan, Okinawa. So your hometown would be Chatan, and that is what you would answer if someone asked, “Where are you from?”


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9月 20

sept 20When writing English, you must put some kind of punctuation on the end of every sentence. The most common sentence-ending punctuation is the period. You can see it on all of these sentences. It’s also used separate whole numbers from decimal places (but in some countries, a comma is used instead): “It took 1.5 hours to drive to the city.” “The book cost $5.99.”


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9月 17

rappelTo rappel means to descend vertically with a rope. It’s a technique used in rock climbing, but also with buildings for construction work and rescuing injured or stranded victims. People rappel when the slope is too steep or dangerous to climb down without help. In movies, you might see police rappel down a building to surprise the criminal they’re capturing.


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9月 13

sept 13“I left the door open, and not only the dog but also the cat got out.”

“Not the dog but the cat got out” would mean that the cat got out but the dog didn’t. However, when we add the word “only” it means that both the dog and the cat got out. In this case, it was more expected that the dog would get out, but it’s unusual that the cat got out. “Not only” something relatively normal “but also” something more surprising.



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9月 10

sept 10Have you seen hospital or emergency medical workers carry someone on one of these? It’s called a stretcher. It’s a portable bed used carry people who are badly injured or cannot move and need medical attention. A stretcher can be made from a strong material wrapped around two long poles, or it can be a small adjustable bed with wheels.


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9月 06

sept 6“Not the dog but the cat knocked over the kitchen trashcan.”

If you come home and find trash all over the kitchen floor, you might normally expect that the dog knocked over the trash can. But in this case, it was not the dog but the cat! We say it this way to emphasize that one thing is not true, even though it might be easily believable, and another, less expected thing is in fact true.



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9月 04






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9月 03

sept 3Depending on what region they’re from, people call these shoes different names. The most popular name in the U.S. is “sneakers.” In England, they’re usually called “trainers.” Interestingly, it’s also popular to call them “tennis shoes,” even though most people don’t use them to play tennis! Other names are “gym shoes,” “jumpers,” and “running shoes.”


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