11月 29

okinawa_nov29He gave her the drink—he had secretly dropped the ring into it—and waited for her to notice the surprise.

“What’s this?” she said. “It’s a ring—a diamond ring!”

Like an ellipsis, a dash can add a pause to a sentence. It can also be used to insert extra information—something that the reader should know but that doesn’t fit well into the sentence—in the middle of a sentence. But it should be used sparingly!




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11月 26

nov26rakeFor thousands of years, humans have created tools to help make their lives easier. When the seasons change and dead leaves fall from trees, people use a rake to gather the leaves into piles in order to burn them or throw them away. A rake has several tines, like a comb, to catch leaves and branches, but leave the grass where it is.


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11月 22

okinawa_nov22“Well, I don’t know…” he said.

According to the witness, the man “jumped out the window and […] ran into the alley.”

An ellipsis is three dots used to show that something is missing. It can be used to show a pause in speech, or a sentence trailing off without being finished. (“I said I would do it, but now…”) It’s also used to show when words are left out of a direct quote.




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11月 19

nov19_copycatA copycat is an imitator. A person who’s a copycat might repeat everything another person says, or start to dress and behave just like someone. In business, a copycat might be a product that looks just like another, like a fake designer handbag. Being a copycat is usually viewed negatively, as if it is stealing someone else’s idea or style.

Copycat は、まねをする人です。Copycat な人は、他人が言うことを、ファッションや振る舞いを真似します。ビジネスでは偽物の高級バッグなど、そっくりな商品のことを言います。Copycatであることは、人のアイデアやスタイルを盗むと見なされ通常は良い意味ではありません。

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11月 15

okinawa_nov15“I can’t believe it!” she said, slamming the envelope onto the table. “He wrote ‘Return to Sender’ on my letter!”

Normally we would put double quotation marks around “Return to Sender”, but in this case it appears inside a line of dialogue which is already enclosed in double quotes. To avoid confusing readers, we change the double quotes to single quotes when they’re inside another pair of quotation marks. Otherwise someone might think the start of the interior pair was the second half of the first pair!



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11月 12

nov12_sneak_peekA sneak peek is an opportunity to see something, or part of something, before it’s officially available. This may be a company’s new product that isn’t for sale yet. It often refers to a movie, TV show, or other visual entertainment in which the audience gets to see a portion of the complete version yet to come.

Sneak (こっそり) peak (覗き見)は、公開される前に何か、又は何かの一部を見るチャンスです。未発売商品にも使えます。よく映画やテレビ番組等の先行上映や先行放送のことを言います。

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11月 08

okinawa_nov8“What punctuation do I use when characters in my story talk?” he asked.

“Well,” she answered, “you need double quotes around the dialogue.”

“Okay, got it,” he said. “What else?”

“When the dialogue ends in a period but the sentence isn’t done, change it to a comma,” she instructed. Then she added, “If there are words before the dialogue, you need a comma there too.”

“What about question marks and exclamation points?” he asked.

“They’re part of the sentence being spoken, so they go inside the quotes!”







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11月 05

nov5flake-out1Has anyone ever told you that he or she would meet you somewhere, but never showed up? You could say that this person has “flaked” or “flaked out on you.” If that person is known for “flaking out” often, then you could describe that person as a flake, or as an adjective, that person’s personality is “flaky.”

誰かがある場所で待っていると言ったのに現れなかった事がありますか?そういう約束をすっぽかされた場合、「flaked」又は「flaked out on you」と言います。よく約束をすっぽかす人を、「flake」と呼びます。形容詞では、あてにならないと言う意味で「flaky ひらひら、剥がれやすい」を使います。

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11月 01

okinawa_nov1“This is a pen,” he said. But I wouldn’t really call that a “pen”. It’s more of a marker.

We use quotation marks to talk about words instead of the things the words mean. When a man says the word “pen”, a pen does not pop out of his mouth. Only the word comes out. Since we are writing about the word “pen” and not an actual pen, we use quotation marks.



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