1月 31

okinawa_jan31A gradable adjective is a word that can describe something a little bit or a lot. It can have a “grade”, meaning the extent to which it is true or applicable. “Small” is a gradable adjective. My dog is a bit small, but your dog is very small. My neighbor’s Chihuahua just had puppies, and they are extremely small. They are the smallest.


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1月 28

jan28tollA toll is a charge one must pay to use some roads or bridges. A vehicle stops to pay at a “toll booth,” and the road used is a “toll road” or “tollway.” Sometimes cars have devices that detect when they use a toll road, and are set up so the driver doesn’t have to stop at a toll booth.

Toll とは道路や橋などの通行料のことです。 Toll booth (料金所)で車が止まります。このような道路のことを toll road や tollway と呼びます。いちいち止まらなくて良いように、通行を認識するための装置(ETC等)を搭載した車もあります。

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1月 24


“The man’s leg was broken […] but he was otherwise not injured [in the accident].”

Square brackets (or editor’s brackets) have several uses. The sentence above is a direct quote from someone, but the writer has edited it. The ellipsis shows that some words were left out. The brackets around “in the accident” show that those words were not originally in the quote, but were added for clarity.



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1月 21

jan21dumbstruckThe word “dumb” has two common usages. It can mean a person who lacks intelligence, and in this way, “dumb” is usually insulting. However, it also refers to a person or animal that cannot speak, either momentarily because something happened, or permanently. If someone is so shocked or fearful that they cannot speak, we can say that person is “dumbstruck.”

Dumb という単語は一般的に2つの意味を持ちます。1つは「頭が良くない」という意味があり、この意味で使うと失礼になります。もう1つは、何かの理由で一時的またはずっと喋れない人や動物のことを言います。ショックや恐怖で口がきけないほど驚いた人を dumbstruck と言います。

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1月 17

okinawa_jan17“How long does it take you to get to school/work?”

Usually used in written English, the slash is a way to show two or more alternatives. When reading the above sentence aloud, you can say “school slash work” or “school or work”.



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1月 14

jan14drowsyIf you’ve ever stayed up late to get something done, and your body wanted to just go to sleep, then you know what it feels like to be drowsy. Drowsy means sleepy or half awake. Many say that they feel drowsy in the morning until they’ve had their cup of coffee, or that wine or alcohol makes them feel drowsy.

何かをするために遅くまで起きていようとしているけど体は眠たくてしょうがないという経験があるなら、drowsy な気分をよくご存知でしょう。 Drowsy は「眠い」や「半分眠っている状態」です。多くの人が朝コーヒーを飲むまで眠い、又はワインやアルコールを飲むと眠くなると言います。

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1月 10

okinawa_jan10Spaces tell you where one word ends and another begins. However, you must almost always put spaces after punctuation marks as well. Look at the periods and commas in this paragraph; each one has a space after it. Some exceptions are quotation marks—the space comes before the opening quotation marks, not after—apostrophes in words such as “don’t”, and hyphens in compound words.


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1月 07

jan7headhunter_recruitingIn modern times, headhunter is not a person who looks collects people’s heads. In the business world, a headhunter is a person who looks for and recruits talented people to possibly fill an executive or other important position at a company. The company hires a headhunter to find the most qualified candidates for the position.

現代の headhunter は首狩り族ではありません。ビジネスの世界で headhunter は会社の大事な役割を果たす人材を探す人です。会社にとって一番ふさわしい候補を見つけるためにヘッドハンターを雇います。

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1月 05

IMG_0003New Year キャンペーン!

2月8日までに新規ご入会で入会金が 無料 になります!




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