3月 28

okinawa_mar28“Stormy though it was, I went out into the night to find my dog.”

“Young though she was, she could beat them all at poker.”

This is just a poetic way to say, “It was stormy, but…” or “Although she was young…” You could even rearrange the words and say, “Though it was stormy,” without changing the meaning. It’s a little too poetic for everyday speech.



嵐っぽかったけど や 若いのになどはポエチックな言い方です。ことばの順番だけ変えるともう少し普通になります。日常会話にはちょっと大げさです。

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3月 25

mar25wedgeshoesWomen who like high heels but have trouble walking on such a small heel might wear wedge shoes instead. Wedge shoes, often called “wedges,” offer the height of high heels, but more surface area on the soles, making them more comfortable to walk in. Although more casual than high heels, wedges are a popular, more formal alternative to flats.


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3月 18

mar18stir_the_potWhen stirring a pot of soup, its contents get agitated and swirl around. Similarly, a person who “stirs the pot” enjoys agitating a situation to cause trouble or get a reaction. Example: While at a family dinner, a brother asks his sister who she was kissing at the movies, upsetting both sister and parents. He likes to stir the pot.

鍋のスープをかき混ぜると、中身がかくはんされてぐるぐる回りますよね。同じように、状況や人の感情を「かき混ぜる」のが好きな人の事を stirs the pot と言います。例えば、家族で食事をしている時に兄が妹に映画館で誰とキスをしていたのかと尋ねると、妹も両親も動揺します。兄は鍋をかき混ぜるのが好きです。

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3月 14

okinawa_mar14“I need to talk to John.”

“I don’t think he’s here right now.”

In English, we don’t often say, “I think he’s not here.” The “not” usually moves in front of “think”. It might sound like we just have no thoughts about whether he is here or not, but it’s understood to mean that we think he’s gone somewhere else.




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3月 11

mar11boatHave you ever been late and missed a train or flight? You missed the opportunity to arrive at your destination as scheduled. Similarly, when someone says “missed the boat,” it means someone missed an opportunity, or lost a chance for something. Example, “I don’t think Sam wants to date me anymore. I think I’ve missed the boat.”

電車や飛行機に乗り遅れたこがありますか?乗り遅れると予定通り目的地に着くことができなくなりますね。同じように missed the boat 「船に乗り遅れた」と言うと、何かをするチャンスを逃したという意味です。例えば「サムはもう私と付き合う気がないみたい。チャンスを逃しちゃった。」

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3月 07

okinawa_mar7“Hardly had he opened the door when the big muddy dog burst in and started licking his face.”

This is a common pattern: “Hardly had (something happened) when (something else happened).” In this example, the dog came in while he was still opening the door or immediately after he opened the door.




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3月 04

cherry3月1日~4月18日まで スプリング キャンペーン実施中!入会金が無料です!




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3月 04

mar4_wrongtree-1Imagine a dog is chasing a cat. The cat runs up a tree, but the dog doesn’t see and barks at the wrong tree, thinking the cat is there. This is the symbolism of “barking up the wrong tree.” When people say this, it means that someone is looking for something in the wrong place, or accusing the wrong person.

犬が猫を追いかけていると想像してみてください。猫が逃げて木を登りますが、犬は猫を見逃し、猫がいると勘違いして違う木に向かって吠えています。これが barking up the wrong tree 「違う木に吠える」のイメージです。このフレーズを人に使う時は、誰かが違う場所で何かを探したり、違う人を責めたりしているという意味になります。

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