5月 30

“The boy reached out as if tokinawa_may30o pet the dog on the screen.”

“She shook her head as if to say that was the most ridiculous idea she’d ever heard.”

“As if to” can show an action that is suggested but not actually done. In the first example, the boy cannot really pet the dog because it is just an image of a dog, not a real dog. In the second example, the girl does not actually say anything, but she communicates her message through actions.



「As if to」で実際なかった行動をそれとなく連想させることに使えます。一つ目の例文では、本物の犬ではなく画面に映る犬の画像だけなので撫でることはできません。二つ目の例文では、彼女は何も言いませんがメッセージを仕草で伝えます。

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5月 27

may27throw_under_busWhen a person betrays, blames or sacrifices another person for selfish reasons, many Americans might say that the selfish person threw the other person under the bus. The blamed person is usually innocent, or at least vulnerable. The phrase is very popular in the workplace, especially if an employee uses this tactic to avoid getting in trouble with a boss.

自分勝手な理由で他人を裏切る、責める、または犠牲にするとき、アメリカ人は身勝手な人が他人を throw under the bus 「バスの下に投げた」と言います。責められた人は通常罪のない人、またはすくなくとも弱みを握られています。このフレーズは、特に職場で従業員がボスに怒られないようにする為によく使われます。

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5月 23

okinawa_may23The placement of “only” in the sentence is very important.

“Only he borrowed this book.” (Nobody else borrowed this particular book.)

“He borrowed only this book.” (He didn’t borrow any other books.)

“He only borrowed this book.” (He didn’t steal or buy the book.)





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5月 20

may20Egg-HuntSymbols of rebirth, eggs are associated with Easter. An Easter egg hunt is a game in which eggs, usually hardboiled and decorated or artificial ones filled with candy, toys, or even confetti (called cascarones), are hidden and children run around with baskets to find and collect them. Traditionally played outdoors, it can also be played indoors, depending on weather.


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5月 16

okinawa_may16“I tried to get my dog to heel, but he wouldn’t.”

“I told my daughter to clean her room before you got here, but she just wouldn’t do it.”

If someone tells you to do something you absolutely don’t want to do, you can say, “I won’t!” Change it to past tense and it becomes, “I wouldn’t.” Have you ever tried to get someone to do something, but they wouldn’t do what you wanted?




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5月 13

may13peepsTraditionally used to fill children’s Easter baskets, the colorful, sugar coated marshmallow Peeps candies are sold year-round. Yellow chicks were the original candies created in the 1950s by Sam Born, who would put a “Just Born” sign outside his store when a fresh batch of handmade candies was available. Today they’re mass-produced and come in many shapes, colors and flavors.


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5月 09

okinawa_may09We say, “Stop to smell the roses,” to encourage people to take time to enjoy life. The “to” is important. You could say, “Stop smelling the roses,” but then you’d be encouraging people to hurry up and not take time to enjoy things. “Stop smelling those roses and help me make the Valentine’s bouquets!”

人に人生を楽しむための時間をついやそうと促す時に「Stop to smell the roses バラの香りを嗅ぐために止まる」と言います。このフレーズの to が大事です。toを付けないと、「バラの香りなんか嗅がないで」となり、つまり人生を楽しむ時間をとるなという意味になってしまいます。「バラの香りばかり嗅いでないでバレンタインのブーケを作るの手伝ってよ!」

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