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12月 21

dec21boxing-dayOriginally a holiday in which the servants received gifts from their masters, Boxing Day has evolved into a day similar to America’s Black Friday (celebrated the day after Thanksgiving with lots of sales). In Britain, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand it’s common for shops to open early and hold Boxing Day sales. In Britain it’s also a day for sports, with football and rugby teams from the top leagues holding “friendly matches”, and in Australia and South Africa, there are test matches for Cricket.


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12月 17

okinawa_dec17“I’ll call you back in an hour.”

“I’ll call you back within an hour.”


What’s the difference? If you are expecting a call “in an hour” you can go for a walk or take a shower now, as long as you are ready to answer the phone one hour from now. If you are expecting a call “within an hour” you should wait by the phone, because the call could come in five minutes, thirty minutes, or fifty-nine minutes.





どう違いますか?「In an hour」は一時間後に電話がかかってくるので、一時間後に電話のそばにいれば、それまでは散歩にいったり、シャワーをあびたりしても大丈夫です。「Within an hour」は一時間以内に電話がかかってくるので、5分後なのか、59分後なのか分かりません。ずっと電話のそばで待たないといけません。

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12月 14

dec14-christmas-dayBy Louise Dupuy.

Christmas is one of the largest holidays celebrated in the Western world. It’s big in America and Britain, starting off as a religious holiday, but now widely celebrated across the world by everyone! It’s a time for families and friends to come together, exchange gifts, and eat lots of food! Christmas is the same day yearly, December 25th, with some businesses closing on the 24th (Christmas eve). In England, the 26th December is a holiday too, known as Boxing Day.

クリスマスは西欧諸国においてとても大事な祝日のひとつです。アメリカとイギリスでメジャーな祝日で始まりは宗教的なものでしたが、現代では世界中の多くの人に祝われています!家族や友達が集まってプレゼント交換をしたり、ご馳走を食べたりします。毎年同じ日の12月25日で、24日のイブが休みの会社も多いです。イングランドでは、26日もBoxing Day(ボクシングデー)という休日です。

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12月 10

okinawa_dec10“I’ll be back in an hour.”


How long will you have to wait for them to come back? Exactly one hour. We use “in” plus a measurement of time to talk about a point that far in the future.


“In a couple of years, this tree will grow tall.”

“Dinner will be ready in about ten minutes.”








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12月 09

hv46beachchantClassroom Tip

This chant from Happy Valley Student Book 2, Unit 5, isolates the beach vocabulary for practice. First, say the chant with the video. Then do it again with gestures. After, using Student Flashcards, recycle the question from Unit 4 What do you want? so students have to ask for certain items. After doing the Unit 5 dialogue, ask students what they have to go to the beach. Do you have a pail? In the third or fourth lesson, set up so students have different things. Students use the Unit 5 target language to see what others have. Then they can “go to the store” to get what they are missing, again recycling the Unit 4 question and answer with this new unit’s vocabulary. Remember, everyone can get a shell once they are at the beach!



スチューデントブック2、ユニット5のこのチャントは、海のボキャブラリーを練習します。まずは動画と一緒にチャントを言いましょう。次にジェスチャーを加えましょう。その後はスチューデントフラッシュカードを使ってユニット4の「What do you want?」を活用して、生徒に色んな物を頼んでもらいましょう。ユニット5のダイアログの後は、海に何を持っていくのか生徒に訪ねます。「Do you have a pail?」3回目または4回目のレッスンでは、違うものを持たせて、ユニット5で学んだ英語を使ってお互い何を持っているのかを質問します。そして、足りないものを「店で買います」。ユニット4の質問とユニット5のボキャブラリーを合体させます。貝殻は海に着いたらもらえます!


At Home Tip

After listening and gesturing like in the Classroom Tips above, see if you have these items in your house. Do you have a towel? Pack a bag and pretend to go to the beach.





Please add your comments – What do you do? How did you find these tips? We’d love to see YOUR videos.

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12月 07

Many umbrellas. One red.Whilst the word umbrella is commonly used in both American and British English to mean the accessory you use to stay dry in the rain (or shaded from the sun), it is also commonly referred to as a brolly in British English. This is a slang term. In a sentence: “did you bring your brolly?” or “you might need your brolly!”. For umbrella, the same sentences can be used.



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12月 03

okinawa_dec3“This time I went by car rather than by train.”
“I used pears rather than apples for this pie.”
“I will watch the movie rather than read the book.”

We can use “rather than” to show that something was chosen, rather than an alternative that might be expected. I usually travel by train, or it is convenient to go by train, but instead I took a car. I was going to make an apple pie; apple pies are common and delicious; but this time I made a pear pie instead. I like reading, but this time I will just watch the movie, because it takes less time.


Rather thanを使って、期待される選択肢よりも他の選択肢が選ばれたと伝えます。いつもは電車で行く、もしくは電車が便利、でも今回は車で行きました。りんごのパイを作ろうと思っていた、りんごのパイはおいしくて人気だ、でも今回は梨のパイを作りました。読書は好きなんですが、今回は、比べて時間がかからないから、映画化したのを観ます。

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