4月 12



This expression is about living a life full of experiences. The more you try, the more you have lived! It can also be used to show that differences in people make life more interesting.

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3月 22

This is quite a funny idiom! It refers to a very small space. “There’s not enough room to swing a cat in here!” (We don’t condone actually swinging cats; it’s just a saying!)

面白いイディオムでしょう!「no room to swing a cat」とはとても狭い場所という意味です。「猫を振りまわすスペースがない!」(本当に猫を振りまわしてはいけません。ただの表現です!)

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3月 01

Happy mixed racial group of girl friends driving on a summer road trip

This is a slang term to mean sitting in the front passenger seat of a car. You can make it into a fun game with groups of friends or your family! When you see the car, you yell “shotgun!” and run to take the front seat! You can’t say it in advance, or when the car is not in sight, as this ruins the fun!


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2月 08

Icing on the cake is a phrase used to describe a situation where you have something good, and you get something extra! For example, you book a vacation away, and the airport gives you a surprise upgrade to first class! When used in a sentence: “A free upgrade? That’s the icing on the cake!”. It can be used in a negative way too. If you’re having a bad day and something else happens, you may say: “Today was already bad, and now my car has broken down! That’s the icing on the cake”.


ケーキの上のアイシングとは、良いものに更にボーナスがついた状況を形容する表現です。例えば、旅行の予約をして、空港会社がファーストクラスに無料アップグレードしてくれました。例:「無料アップグレード?それはケーキにアイシングだね!」マイナスな使い方もあります。ついていない一日にさらに悪いことが起こるとこういいます:「今日はもうひどかったというのに、今度は車が故障してしまった。” That’s the icing on the cake! “」

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1月 25

okinawa_jan25This one has nothing to do with weather! It’s used to politely decline an offer or turn down plans, but with the willingness to do them at a later date. For example, if a friend asks you out for lunch but you can’t make it, you can simply just say “rain check?” and they’ll know to rearrange for another day.

このフレーズは天気とは関係ありません!また今度という意味で誘いなどを礼儀正しく断るのに使います。例えば、友達にランチに誘われたけど行けない時に「rain check?」と言ったら別の日にして欲しいという気持ちが伝わります。

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11月 16

nov16-if-it-aint-broke-dont-fix-itIf it ain’t (contraction of am not, are not, or is not. In this case, is not) broke don’t fix it is a phrase used to say that if something is working just fine, leave it alone. This can be applied to objects or situations. For example:
“The car seems to be working okay, do you think I should take it to the mechanic?”
“If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.” Or:
“My husband and I are happy, but I feel like we need marriage counselling.”
“If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.”
It originates from the human need to constantly improve on things, when sometimes things are fine just the way they are.

「壊れてないなら直すな」(ain’tはam not, are not, is notの短縮形、この場合はis notの短縮形として使われています。)とは「うまくいっていることはそのままにしておきましょう」という意味のフレーズです。物にも状況に対しても使えます。例:「この車は問題なく走っているけど、車屋に行ったほうがいいと思う?」

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10月 19

“All bark and no bite” is a phrase commonly used to describe a person who is loud and aggressive, but is not prepared to put up an actual fight if challenged. Example: An angry customer who yells at a member of staff over an issue, but never moves in to hit them.oct19okinawa

「All bark and no bite―吠えるだけで噛まない(口先ばかりで何もしない)」とはうるさくて攻撃的だけど、実際に売られたケンカは買わない人のことを言います。例:怒ったお客さんが店員を怒鳴っているけど、殴ろうとはしません。

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9月 14

sept14legHave you ever met a person who liked to play jokes or tricks on others, and you couldn’t tell if that person was being serious or making a joke? You might say that person is “pulling your leg.”
Example: “Don’t pay any attention to John–you’re not in trouble. He was just pulling your leg.”

いたずら好きな人に会ったことはありますか?本気なのか冗談で言っているのかわからないことがあります。そんな時は「pulling my leg」と言います。

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9月 07

sept7Do you feel very close to your family, or to your best friend? You might say that you’ve been together “through thick and thin.” This means that you support each other in both good situations or bad ones. For example: I’ve known my best friend since elementary school. We’ve been through thick and thin together.

家族や親友ととても親しい間柄だと感じますか?一緒に「thick and thin」を乗り超えたと言えます。良い時も悪い時も支え合ってきたという意味です。例:一番の親友は小学校からの付き合いです。何があってもずっと一緒でした。

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8月 31

aug31pillHave you ever had to take medicine that tasted bad, but you knew you needed it to get better? In English, “a bitter pill” or “a bitter pill to swallow,” can also mean a situation or information that is unpleasant or difficult, but must be accepted. Example: He found out that his ex-girlfriend got married, and it’s been a bitter pill to swallow.


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