6月 21

London rain

イギリスでは普段からひどい天気なのでそれがよく話題になります。初めてあったときや何を話せばいいかわからないときにはいつでも使える話題です。よく「It’s a shame about the weather (残念な天気だ)」 を耳にします。例えばこんな風に:「週末庭に出たかったけど残念な天気だったね。」

Weather is a big topic for discussion in Britain, because it is usually bad! It’s a go-to subject for people just meeting or who have run out of things to talk about. A phrase you might hear a lot when talking about activities is “shame about the weather”. For example: “I really wanted to get out in the garden this weekend; shame about the weather though.”

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6月 14

Festival 2000, Glastonbury, Somerset, England.

イングランドの祭りは音楽が中心だから一味違います!毎夏たくさんの大きな祭りがあるうち、一番大きいのがV Festival、Party In The Park、Reading and Leedsです。すべては週末のキャンピング、人気のあるアーティストが集い、ときには買い物が出来たりやフェイスペイングをしてもらうこともできます。祭りに来る人は酒を飲んで、踊って、ずっと寝不足です!ヒントを教えてあげます:もしイギリスの祭りに行くときは、良く雨が降ったりするので、Welliesというゴムのブーツを持って行ってください。おしゃれな靴は雨と泥には不釣り合いです。

Festivals are quite different in England, as they are mostly centred on music! Each summer there are many large festivals, with the most famous being V Festival, Party In The Park, and Reading and Leeds festivals. All offer weekend camping, a good line-up of popular music artists, and sometimes even extras like face painting and shopping! Festival-goers typically like to drink, dance, and lose sleep for the entire time! A good tip if you ever find yourself at a British festival is to pack a pair of Wellies (rubber rain boots), as rain and mud do not go well with pretty shoes, and both are almost guaranteed!

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4月 26


Cricket is a bat and ball sport played between two teams of eleven. The bat is famously paddle-shaped, and the ball is a vibrant red. Cricket is a favourite British pastime where all payers wear white, and has been around since approximately the 18th century.

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4月 05

Afternoon tea is a tradition dating back to 1840. Started by Duchess Anna of Bedford, it was designed to fill the hunger gap between breakfast and lunch. Afternoon tea typically involves tea (with milk), small sandwiches known as finger sandwiches, and little cakes!


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2月 15

Easter is traditionally a Christian holiday celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ. However, modern times have seen Easter turn into more of a commercial holiday, with things like Easter eggs (tasty treats usually made of chocolate), Easter bunnies (a cuddly character that gives treats to children), and time off from school! It’s a big holiday in most Western countries, and especially so in America and England. It is celebrated in mid-April, with the date changing from year to year because it follows the lunar calendar.


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12月 21

dec21boxing-dayOriginally a holiday in which the servants received gifts from their masters, Boxing Day has evolved into a day similar to America’s Black Friday (celebrated the day after Thanksgiving with lots of sales). In Britain, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand it’s common for shops to open early and hold Boxing Day sales. In Britain it’s also a day for sports, with football and rugby teams from the top leagues holding “friendly matches”, and in Australia and South Africa, there are test matches for Cricket.


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12月 14

dec14-christmas-dayBy Louise Dupuy.

Christmas is one of the largest holidays celebrated in the Western world. It’s big in America and Britain, starting off as a religious holiday, but now widely celebrated across the world by everyone! It’s a time for families and friends to come together, exchange gifts, and eat lots of food! Christmas is the same day yearly, December 25th, with some businesses closing on the 24th (Christmas eve). In England, the 26th December is a holiday too, known as Boxing Day.

クリスマスは西欧諸国においてとても大事な祝日のひとつです。アメリカとイギリスでメジャーな祝日で始まりは宗教的なものでしたが、現代では世界中の多くの人に祝われています!家族や友達が集まってプレゼント交換をしたり、ご馳走を食べたりします。毎年同じ日の12月25日で、24日のイブが休みの会社も多いです。イングランドでは、26日もBoxing Day(ボクシングデー)という休日です。

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5月 20

may20Egg-HuntSymbols of rebirth, eggs are associated with Easter. An Easter egg hunt is a game in which eggs, usually hardboiled and decorated or artificial ones filled with candy, toys, or even confetti (called cascarones), are hidden and children run around with baskets to find and collect them. Traditionally played outdoors, it can also be played indoors, depending on weather.


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4月 22

apr22Administrative-Professionals-DayOnce called Secretary’s Day, Administrative Professionals Day is April 22 this year, and is celebrated in the U.S. and elsewhere in the world. Although it was originally created to attract potential employees to these positions when there was a shortage, nowadays appreciative bosses might give these employees an appropriate business-related gift or take them out to lunch.

以前 Secretary’s Day(秘書の日)と呼ばれていた Administrative Professionals Day(管理プロフェッショナルの日)は、今年は4月22日で、アメリカ合衆国を含む世界の様々な場所で祝われます。元々は不足していたポジションの従業員候補を集めるために作られましたが、現在は上司が感謝の気持ちをこめてプレゼントを贈ったり、昼ごはんをおごったりします。

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1月 22

Jan 22At the start of the New Year, it is customary for some people to create New Year’s resolutions. These are personal goals, and are something a person wants to do differently or better. For example, many people have the resolution to lose weight, so gyms are the most crowded in January. Other popular resolutions include eating healthier and quitting smoking.


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